Lot 921 Magic Street, Two Rocks WA 6037 – Atlantis Beach Estate


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Serenely situated along the breathtaking Western Australian coastline, Two Rocks invites you to experience a coastal utopia where the Indian Ocean’s pristine waters caress rugged natural beauty. This picturesque seaside haven, located approximately 60 kms north of Perth, offers a harmonious blend of coastal living, outdoor adventure, and a laid-back lifestyle that encapsulates the essence of Western Australia.

Location Features:

Seaside Elegance: Two Rocks is celebrated for its immaculate beaches, where the velvety sands meet the majesty of the Indian Ocean. Many properties in this area boast awe-inspiring ocean views and direct access to the beach, allowing residents to revel in the soothing symphony of waves and unforgettable sunsets.

Maritime Enchantment: For those yearning for a waterfront lifestyle, Two Rocks delivers with homes gracing the tranquil marina, where boats sway gently in the breeze. Waterfront properties often come with private jetties, making it an idyllic haven for boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Coastal Allure: The town’s coastal village ambiance is enriched by its charming cafes, boutiques, and alfresco dining venues along the marina and Yanchep Lagoon. It’s a vibrant hub where residents can luxuriate in leisurely strolls, delectable culinary experiences, and boutique shopping by the sea.

Outdoor Adventures: Nature enthusiasts will find themselves in a paradise of outdoor delights, with access to Yanchep National Park, offering scenic trails, captivating caves, and thrilling wildlife encounters. The region’s unspoiled beauty provides boundless opportunities for hiking, angling, and immersing oneself in the great outdoors.

Community Harmony: The spirit of camaraderie in Two Rocks is vivacious, with frequent local events, bustling markets, and heartwarming gatherings that unite residents. It’s a place where neighbour’s swiftly evolve into cherished friends, and every day embodies the essence of an eternal holiday.

Why Choose Two Rocks?

Two Rocks offers a coastal lifestyle that exudes Western Australia’s natural grandeur, making it an enchanting haven for retirees, families, or anyone yearning for a beachside sanctuary. The town’s allure lies in its unspoiled shorelines, aquatic adventures, and an inviting atmosphere that fosters a carefree way of life.

Whether you dream of an oceanfront escape, maritime adventures, or simply a tranquil retreat amidst nature, Two Rocks grants all these desires. With its sweeping ocean panoramas, waterfront accessibility, and vibrant community spirit, Two Rocks is the destination where you can authentically embrace the finest of Western Australian coastal living.

If you’re poised to explore the real estate offerings in Two Rocks, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in this coastal Eden and relish the unique lifestyle that this picturesque seaside town bestows. Your dream beachfront property beckons in Two Rocks, where the sea, sand, and serenity await.


  • $206.05/m

  • 16.23%

  • 5.64%

  • 0.95%

The estimated cash flow is reflective of a 90% P&I loan with an interest rate of 5.5% over a 30 year term. (Rental income + First year tax depreciation) – (*Loan Repayments + Council Rates + Water rates + Body Corp./Strata when applicable) = Estimated cash flow position
Property breakdown
Home area150 m²
Build price$372,600
Land price$181,000
Title StatusRegistered
Contract typeSplit
Council Rates*$125/m
Water Rates*$40/m
Tax depreciation*$600/m
Rental Income*$2600/m
* these figures are an estimate only, based on current average rates and current relevant figures.