Lot 4004 McCallum Parade, Gawler East SA 5118


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  • 336m²
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Gawler East, SA: A Historic Gem with Promising Investment Prospects

Nestled in the heart of South Australia, Gawler East stands as a captivating investment opportunity that artfully blends history with modern potential. Located just 43 kilometres north of Adelaide’s bustling CBD, this thriving suburb offers a unique character, promising growth, and a vibrant community.

Investor Highlights:

Historical Charisma: Gawler East exudes a rich historical charm, characterised by its well-preserved architecture and captivating town centre. Investors are drawn to the increasing demand for character properties, establishing a distinct niche within the market.

Capital Growth Assurance: Gawler East has consistently demonstrated capital growth over the years, driven by a combination of factors including its proximity to Adelaide, urban development projects, and ongoing improvements in infrastructure. These catalysts substantiate expectations of potential appreciation in property values.

Infrastructure Upgrades: The suburb is undergoing notable infrastructure enhancements that significantly contribute to its investment appeal. Examples include road expansion projects that ease traffic flow and accessibility, which in turn, enhance the desirability of the area for both residents and investors. Additionally, planned improvements to public transportation, including upgraded bus services, further elevate Gawler East’s connectivity to the wider region.

Tenant Magnet: Gawler East’s family-friendly atmosphere, combined with convenient access to essential amenities, magnetises tenants seeking a serene suburban lifestyle with historical charm. Investors stand to gain from a robust rental market, ensuring stable rental income.

Community Flourish: The suburb boasts a thriving community spirit, enriched by amenities such as schools, green spaces, and cultural events. A close-knit community often translates into tenant loyalty and a consistent rental income stream.

Why Invest in Gawler East?

Gawler East offers an intriguing investment proposition with its historical allure, substantiated capital growth potential, and a vibrant community. The ongoing infrastructure developments, coupled with the suburb’s strategic location and growth outlook, solidify its standing as a compelling choice for investors seeking a blend of heritage and investment possibilities.

Whether you’re an investor enticed by the allure of character properties or someone eyeing capital appreciation, Gawler East offers an investment landscape that melds the past with future potential. With planned infrastructure upgrades and the promise of continued capital growth, combined with a thriving community and proximity to Adelaide’s economic hubs, Gawler East presents a unique and robust investment opportunity in South Australia.

Explore real estate opportunities in Gawler East, where history meets investment allure in a distinctive and captivating way. Your investment journey in Gawler East begins here, offering a unique investment niche supported by tangible infrastructure improvements.


  • $23.75/m

  • 21%

  • 5.40%

  • 0.37%

The estimated cash flow is reflective of a 90% P&I loan with an interest rate of 5.5% over a 30 year term. (Rental income + First year tax depreciation) – (*Loan Repayments + Council Rates + Water rates + Body Corp./Strata when applicable) = Estimated cash flow position
Property breakdown
Home area133 m²
Build price$321,000
Land price$199,000
Title StatusJune 2024
Contract typeSplit
Council Rates*$125/m
Water Rates*$40/m
Tax depreciation*$512/m
Rental Income*$2340/m
* these figures are an estimate only, based on current average rates and current relevant figures.