How it Works

Buy new property in 3 easy steps

1. Setup

Complete your profile

The first and most important part to us tailoring the best property options for you is to complete your profile. We’ve made this as simple as it can be to ensure it won’t take you too long! Your profile will save your information and documents for you so you won’t have to fill out the same information over and over again!

2. Select Property

Browse tailored property for you

Our BuyCloud algorithm will automatically evaluate your scenario so you will only be recommended property that you are in a position to buy. These recommended properties are also ranked in regards to capital growth, cash-flow position and projected growth so you know you are immediately being shown the best properties that fit your budget and preferences! All the information and key data you need to make an informed decision will also be at your fingertips. 

3. Settle

Purchase and relax

Your BuyCloud Mortgage Broker and BuyCloud Conveyancer will ensure you avoid any pitfalls and guide you to a successful investment from finance pre-approval to settlement. We’ve even got your insurance and property management needs catered for.